About Us

A couple Key points about our business

We're Dedicated

Our team puts a lot of time and effort in the planning of each job. We take pride in our ability to work on any size project and we have learned how to balance our busy schedule. Our crews work tirelessly while putting great emphasis on safety and are dedicated to every project from beginning to end.

We're Reliable

We have the knowledge, the passion and the drive to do our job right. You can count on our team to get through the toughest projects we are faced with.

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Why Choose Us

Our job isn't easy. Let us tell you why you need us.


TCH began working in the underground utility world in 1980. Our team has an abundance of knowledge and skills gained from the years of experience working in this industry.

Safety Driven

TCH is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees, clients and general public.


We specialize in HDD, but we offer a variety of services turn-key.


Our company is growing by leaps and bounds. We have the experienced crews and resources to complete your project from beginning to end.

24/7 Support

In this industry, incidents can occur at any time of day or night. You will always have support from TCH when you need it.


We know the business, we have industry leading technologies and experience that help pave the way for the future.  When shit hits the fan, we know how to fix it!

Do You Know

Some cool facts about our company
Total footage of pipe to date
5,400 ft
Longest Drill to Date
38 yrs and counting

Recent Projects

Successful projects, happy clients and great results