Safety is a priority at TCH

TCH is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment for our employees, clients and general public.

As with any construction job, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has its share of hazards that require safety regulations that must be followed in order to ensure worker safety as well as public safety. Thankfully, just the invention and practice of trenchless technology and HDD itself has decreased, and in some cases eliminated the risk of death from cave-ins during trenching activities, since there is no need for trench digging in HDD. However, the biggest problem that all directional drillers face is striking existing underground utilities.

In order to stay away from previously placed utility pipelines, TCH always follows regulations, calls in a locate, and works with the right equipment for tracking the course of the drill head. If the drill hits a power line, there is the possibility of being electrocuted, so we make sure we are aware of all safety precautions.