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A duct bank refers to a group of electrical conduits that provide pathways and protection for electrical wiring. Duct banks are typically installed underground for large buildings that require substantial wiring. Duct banks not only protect the enclosed cables from damage, but they also consolidate and conceal the building’s series of wires. Bundling cables with a duct bank also streamlines future construction projects because the cables are consolidated and bundled to create a clear passageway. This consolidation allows property owners to upgrade or repair existing wiring without undergoing lengthy excavation projects.

We take pride in our ability to work on any size project. From small to large ductbanks, TCH can handle your underground needs. TCH installs rebar enforced concrete encased duct banks for Centerpoint, ATT, Entergy and other energy/data suppliers turn key From PVC to Galvanized rigid conduit we can put it in the ground. If needed TCH can do road crossings in house using directional drilling to install a steel casing to have ductbank route inside.

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