Safety first!

Companies that own and manage utility networks know the burden and high costs associated with constructing their assets. That is why it is imperative that they get the most life out of their existing pipelines and other utility lines.

As utility easements become more and more congested with lines and pipes, it becomes extremely dangerous to work in them. Providing locating services that far exceed a simple paint mark or flag on the ground, TCH offers owners the ability to actually see their utilities in the ground to verify exact location and depth. From as basic as putting tone on a conductor cable or tracer wire and using an electronic locating devise to trace its path, vacuum excavating across an entire right-of-way to verify the unknown, or using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar equipment to show a 3-D image of sub-surface structures, we will give the owner or contractor legitimate evidents of what is underground.

TCH is also a forerunner in maintaining these utilities during their lifetime and when necessary, using the newest technology available to salvage old lines by installing new products inside the failing ones. Maintenance Alert!

TCH Maintenance